Maxim Zhestkov
Art-project on the Gazprom Neft's stand at the SPIEF-2019
Technological innovation, impacting developments in business and art, is providing a new format for artistic collaboration — the TRANSFORMATION! project being an outstanding example of a ground- breaking approach in which a major technology company is acting as the initiator and co-author of a work of art.
About the project
Gazprom Neft’s stand at the 2019 St Petersburg International Economic Forum will be a blank canvas for a digital picture that literally "draws itself",
with media works coming to life on a specially designed radial screen, it’s shape reminiscent of the Möbius strip — that symbol of constant change. This modern artist works, at least in part, as an engineer and — helped by Big Data analytics, the use of imagery, geological models, technological systems, and the laws of geometry and physics — creates a special micro-world. In this environment, billions of particles undergo a cycle of constant transformation, with the viewer coming face-to-face with a complex and breath-taking process of transformation as a symbol of never-ending progress.
Maxim Zhestkov
Gazprom Neft is, today, in the midst of complete and integral global transformation. In trying to find expressive and eloquent ways to articulate the changes taking place, the company has invited Russian media artist Maxim Zhestkov — who has previously worked with Adidas, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony — to collaborate with it.
Alexander Dybal
Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications and a member of the Management Board at Gazprom Neft
Our project is the synthesis of new technologies and creative solutions, and goes beyond the usual limits. The complex physical processes and digital modelling technologies that are helping find and produce oil in the 21st century have now found their embodiment in modern art."
Maxim, together with Gazprom Neft, is testing the boundaries of digital art, creating digital metaphors for the technologies the company uses every day. Using the language of media art — a language currently developing right before our very eyes — the TRANSFORMATION! project is becoming the emotional embodiment of the processes taking place within the company.
We are trying to decode the language of nature and understand how nature works through algorithms, through computer graphics, through physics, and through simulations. I’m still sold on that story. The scale of what’s come out of this synergy and collective work is creating a new visual landscape — at least in terms of what’s happening in Russia. I’ve never come across — and am not aware of — any projects conducted on such a scale in terms of screens and in terms of the sheer complexity of production."
The Gazprom Neft comms team came up with an idea for an art project, designing a special media- façade display for the company — a 45-metre radial screen. We suggested to Maxim that we rethink the theme of transformation together, and give it a visual incarnation.
Everything we do — all animation, and everything in life and in general, everything that happens — it's always a transformation. Nothing's ever static. It was very interesting to see how the process of transformation could be shown, and how you could find the languages that would help reveal the word "transformation" over time.
Media artist
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